What we do

Experiences that
evoke emotions and
make your brand shine

Two hearts connecting

We bring +10 years of deep insights and experience in advising leading brands how to foster a future generation of kids that are self-confident, caring and resilient. 


Brand strategy

Brand strategy

Translate your brand objectives into an actionable plan.

Based on insights and research, we help you shape a strategy that fuels business and strengthens customer relationships.


Premium cross-media solutions that put your brand in the forefront.

Being kind online, diversity & inclusion, self-compassion? We focus on topics that you and the kids care about.


Content creation


App development


Qualitative, engaging and safe games for kids. 

Our development team is made up of experienced professionals with years of experience in designing, developing and launching qualitative games for kids. We develop for both smartphones and tablets.


Help your team to excel.

We have years of experience educating product managers, content creators, designers and developers in how to apply Social and Emotional Learning in designing the most engaging products and experiences for kids.


Employee training

HOW we do IT

Grounded in research

Our unique, systematic design-approach combines methods from child psychology and digital play with business strategy and product innovation.

Embrace the power of play

With roots in Sweden, play is a natural part of everything we do. We understand that for kids, play is serious learning.

Design with empathy

Kids are our role models. Designing with empathy means we put ourselves in the shoes of children to ensure a playful, engaging experience that fuels brand connection.


We amplify your brilliance.

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