We help brands put kids well-being first

To put children's well-being at the center of digital design, we have developed an innovative, research-led approach that leans on social and emotional learning (SEL).

Empowering your brand with SEL helps kids shape a healthy identity, build and maintain friendships, manage emotions, build resilience and grit to pick themselves up when things go wrong - and much more.



Set your brand apart

Take responsibility for children's well-being to set your brand apart. We'll use our expertise in social and emotional learning, child psychology, and the latest trends in children's entertainment to help you do it.

  • Age-appropriate design consultation
  • Design frameworks
  • Brand and product development strategies
  • Content and communication strategies
  • Creative concepting
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Upskill your team

Ready to be the champion of kids' wellbeing? Empower your team to understand how to connect with kids through interactive training and hands-on workshops. From 1h to half-day and full day options, we've got it covered to match your company's unique needs.

Example of topics are:

  • Digital Wellbeing for Kids
  • Designing for Different Play Personality Types
  • Go digital: Expand Beyond Physical Toys
  • Building Positive Online Communities
  • Kids’ Media: Trends & Insights
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Connect with kids

Connect with kids on their level with our turn-key creative campaigns and assets. We know how to make kids feel safe and heard, and equip them to positively contribute to your platform's community.

  • Creative strategies
  • Campaign planning
  • Graphic and moving-image design
  • Character and narrative design
  • Copywriting
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Healthy design for kids

Our unique research-led approach hands you the latest insights in how to empower and engage children in a healthy way.

Think like a child

Learn to stand in the shoes of kids to craft products, content, and experiences that resonate with them right now. It's about being authentic, not just age-appropriate.

Empathy, empathy, empathy

Empathy fuels everything we do. It helps us understand kids and meet them on their level. Empathy is also the key to the energizing and productive collaborations we enjoy with clients.

Embracing the power of play

Play is serious learning for kids. It taps into their natural curiosity and impulse to explore. We put playfulness at the core of everything we develop for and with kids because it works.

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