Nov 2020


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LEGO Life, a safe social media network for children is used by approximately 9 million children across 78 countries. Together with LEGO® Friends, Peppy agency have co-created a series of fun #BoostUp experiences in the LEGO Life app that celebrate friendship and encourage supportive online behaviours.

Our team helped develop a campaign concept including +100 content pieces. The campaign went live during Anti Bullying Week and World Children’s Day in November 2020.

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Our approach

Increased engagement

Navigating the world of online friendships can feel exciting and fun, but it can also feel scary and lonely for children. Through different videos, polls, quizzes and building challenges we gave kids a way to express their feelings, and in doing so help each other deal with both the positive and negative aspects of spending time online.

Within the first 24h, the content broke annual records in the number of comments and likes from kids.

Giving Kids a Voice

Giving kids a voice

The visuals are inspired by the different emotions kids encounter in both online and offline friendships. A way to show kids that all emotions are allowed.

To help kids navigate these feelings, our psychologists designed supporting guidance related to how kids could feel in different situations.

Read more about the campaign on LEGO's website.

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