Dec 2020

LEGO Ninjago

Brand strategy
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LEGO Ninjago


The LEGO Group wants the Ninjago IP to make a mark on the lives of its fans. But kids need to relate to the characters and their experiences before they invest emotionally. We designed narrative-led digital experiences to make the IP feel relevant and inspire a deeper connection for kids.

The LEGO Group launched a new fan-first website following our recommendations and creative concepts.

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Using engaging characters to form real-life skill-building for kids

We inspired a strong brand connection

The six teenage ninjas at the heart of Ninjago each represent one of six virtues. We created SEL-led content to help kids discover their "inner ninja" by connecting these virtues to their real lives. 

First, we devised relatable stories where the ninjas' virtues are tested. Next, we created game concepts that made these challenging situations interactive to put children in the ninjas' shoes.

Exploring difficult topics through storytelling and interactive game design

In one story, for example, a ninja loses a video game and then loses his cool. To help him regain balance – his virtue – kids can complete a small game about self-control.

By activating kids in the ninjas' experience, they relate to the IP in a personal way.

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