Mar 2020

Peppy Pals

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Peppy Pals


From idea to award-winning brand

Peppy Pals is a series of award-winning apps, movies and books teaching kids ages 2-6 about social and emotional learning through play. Developed with psychologists and researchers. 

It all started in 2013, when the founders of Peppy agency asked themselves the question: “Why can’t we use the power of games for something more meaningful than creating more gender stereotypical and superficial games?”

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Where hearts grow smart

Gender-neutral characters

Our team of designers, animators, artists and developers set out to create a colorful world where hearts grow smart.

We've developed a range of products based on the beloved animal characters that, just like you and your friends, have unique personalities and characteristics.


Game Mechanisms: Storytelling & Humor

The games were designed as short and calm narratives.

By using relatable stories, kids can more easily take learnings from online to offline and apply in their everyday life.

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